With 24 Degrees you can rest assured that every detail and aspect of your event is taken care of from start to finish. We plan and manage logistical elements of all group movements including safety concerns, timing requirements, service level, and financial consideration.

We create, communicate and manage timelines for all events/activities and the successful execution of programs. Planning, managing and executing group arrival and departure for maximum service levels and financial considerations comes as second nature to us.

We’ll oversee and manage every aspect of the food and beverage for your event and take into account safety and cultural concerns, proactively managing them.Create routings for all transportation moves to ensure efficient and accurate directions; investigate potential street closings, construction sites, conflicting event permits or weather considerations.

Furthermore, we offer a full visa application service for all of your clients, liaising to ensure the visas are available and processed for your arrival. Click here for the list of visa requirements for different countries.

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