Corporate Social Responsibility

Partnering with the International Humanitarian City and Emirates Flight Catering participants will package food boxes that will then be sent out to people in need, based on the specific organizations under the IHC umbrella.

Each group of 450 participants will package 5000 food boxes with unperishable items, after which, these boxes will be shipped out to the agencies and those in need, both around the world and within the UAE as well.

The components can be locally supplied with local brands or American brands; this might affect the budget per box – a list of items that can be included will be shared to confirm elements

The Emirates Flight Catering products are registered with municipality and a letter can be shared with the hotel, if needed. They will be happy to sign any disclaimerform.

Budget is per box and this is inclusive of the transportation from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, boxes for the meal, all meal components and the shipment boxes to package the meals. Transportation from Abu Dhabi to the destinations will be at an additional cost.

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