24 Degrees & Warming Up – What’s Hot In 2016? Q4

Summer holidays have come and gone, and the team is buckling up for what is bound to be a crazy busy Q4. Most of the team was able to get away from the Dubai summer heat by taking trips to Croatia, Mongolia, Germany, and England. We hope that each and every one of you were also able to get away for a bit, to recharge those batteries for the final push.

Link: Check out the latest the U.A.E. has to offer in Q4.

24 Degrees & Warming Up – What’s Hot In 2016? Q2

The team is excited for what Q2 has in store, and is gearing up for the home stretch until Ramadan and Summer holidays. We had an amazing Q1, with the successful running of YPO GLC and EDGE Conference, the global conference for Young Presidents Organization, where we welcomed nearly 2,500 delegates during the week long event with attendees coming into town from all over the world. Along with that, a number of other events, and a few FAM trips, the team has been extremely busy.

Link: Check out the latest the U.A.E. has to offer.

Learn From a Legend: Steve Vai Alien Guitar Master class for the first time in Dubai

Along with Hardrock Café Dubai and 24 Degrees, fans of Steve Vai were able to jam out with him up close and personal at his Alien Guitar Master Class last week in Dubai. With VIP tickets selling out almost immediately, more than 100 people entered the Hard Rock Café Dubai to hear their idol play some of his all time great hits.

Thank you 24 Degrees!! What a wonderful experience!!! Keep them coming please!!!

Fawad Yakoob

You changed my life Steve..I would be resigning in my job here in Dubai and focus on my Guitar playing..I am going to do what I wanttttt.

Ronell Cruz

Thanks for bringing Steve Vai here to Dubai. It was a great experience.

Paolo Geronimo